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Are you looking for high-quality staff to assist with an urgent project? We can help. AirRepair provides reliable, talented, and motivated workers that will make sure your aircraft is ready when you need it.

We employ workers with expertise in all aviation-related fields, so you can get the specialized help you need at a moment’s notice. Our staffing solutions are available when you need them – skip the tedious administrative processes and get the help you need, when you need it.

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Avionics Solutions.

Our workforce can help solve any issues facing your commercial or private aircraft. AirRepair staffing solutions are available to assist with aircraft at any MRO in the USA – contact us today if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to your aviation needs.

Wiring & Cables

Ensure error-free flights with flawless cable management

Communication Systems

Keep in touch with the ground and other aircraft.

Autopilot Systems

Stay on the planned flight path at all times

Navigation Instruments

Always know exactly where your aircraft is.

Stable & Secure

Sheet Metal Solutions

We provide sheet metal mechanic staffing solutions across the United States. Our talented workforce can help expedite the fabrication, assembly, modification, and installation of sheet metal and other aircraft structural components when needed. Contact us today to enlist the help of America’s top sheet metal mechanics.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal work is our staff’s bread and butter; we can do it all.


Let us handle your lightweight honeycomb material installation.


Our experts are trained to handle delicate fibreglass materials for any purpose.


Guarantee perfect aluminum installation by hiring our workforce


Mechanical Solutions.

AirRepair provides mechanics staffing solutions at MROs across America. Our staff can assist with regularly scheduled maintenance, such as A & B, C, and D Checks, as well as general maintenance service when required. Contact AirRepair today to ensure your planes spend more time in the air and less time on the ground.

A & B Checks

Our staff can quickly service, repair, and inspect your aircraft to get it running ASAP.

D Checks

Our workforce can provide inspections, repairs, and additions to the entire aircraft to ensure its suitability.

C Checks

Let our experts help with structural examinations, lubrication, and other time-intensive tasks

General Maintenance

Our team can contribute to the general maintenance of your aircraft at MROs across America.

Comfort Ensured

Interior Solutions.

Ensure your passengers, pilot, and cargo are comfortable and secure at all times during the flight. AirRepair supplies interior staffing solutions for commercial and private aircraft across America. Contact us today to expedite your interior maintenance and repair process.

Entertainment Systems

Our staff can help install and upgrade entertainment systems across all aircraft


Cut down on seating installation times by hiring our expert interior mechanics

Carpet & Flooring

We can supply staff to ensure your aircraft’s flooring is secure, practical and comfortable.

General Repairs

Our staff can help repair broken seating, entertainment systems, and other interior components.

Quality First

Aircraft Painters.