RX Hydraulic System


Precision Application Starts with a Precision Hydraulic System


Air Repair Inc and Kawak Aviation Technologies have partnered to develop the most comprehensive precision hydraulic application system ever produced. This system is FAA/PMA produced under S.T.C. SA01801SE and approved on Air Tractor models 502, 602, 802 along with Thrush S2R T, G and H80 aircraft. This system can be used on aircraft equipedwith the standard 5” Transland manual gate, the Transland 10” hydraulic gate system or now the Transland 7 ½ “ and is fully integrated with SatLoc G4 Guidance System. Currently there are 11 seasons of successful dry and spray prescription application over 90 aircraft of all types and in all parts of the world.


The Air Repair, Inc. Rx Hydraulic System starts with a robust powerpak that is capable of the demands of prescription and constant rate gate movement. Experience has shown a 2000 hour+ life of the powerpak. This powerpak utilizes a pressure switch and accumulator to give instant open and close signals to a gate cylinder with an internal feedback probe or “SMART CYLINDER”. No lag in response. This type of feedback coupled with the instant hydraulic pressure running through a proportional control valve will allow for constant on-the-fly gate adjustments. These adjustments are made by communication through the SatLoc G4 and our state of the art control unit. In a constant rate mode, which is used in every dry application job, adjustments in gate opening are made relevant to changes in ground speed. For example, if going with the wind the ground speed increases 5 mph the gate closes 1/16” and vice-versa on the upwind pass. In a prescription mode, the SatLoc G-4 gives the controller commands from a prescription map to deliver multi-rate, hands off dry application. These prescriptions can be wirelessly pushed or pulled between your office and the airplane. This capability allows for true prescription application over the prescription area.


Other features include a momentary switch for partial dump or clean out in the wet or dry mode.  The Rx Hydraulic System is also expandable to run a hydraulically-controlled spray valve for prescription spraying


 with precise ON/OFF and zero rate areas. In addition a hydraulic flap cylinder that takes the place of the standard electric motor and transmission is also available. If the aircraft is equipped with a hopper door and auger system, it can be run off the Air Repair Inc. Hydraulic system.


The Rx Hydraulic System is designed to take the Transland 5 inch, 7 ½ inch or 19 inchgate to a new level of operation with a SatLoc G-4 gps system. There are no other hidden costs and the system will position you for the prescription application business with no further expense. A mature, dependable system with field-proven operation, full technical and parts support and low maintenance costs make this system to have.


Rx Hydraulic System

Precision Application Starts with a Precision Hydraulic System

• 24-volt D.C. Powerpak

• Relay

• Mount Rails and Clamps

• Circuit Breaker

• Motor Control Unit

• Hydraulic Filter

• Distribution Manifold

• Pressure Switch

• Accumulator


• Mount Plate and Clamps

• Proportional Valve and Base

• Smart Cylinder for Gate Movement and Position Feedback

• Controller with Wiring Harness and Display Mount

• Serial Adapter and USB Programming Port

• Wiring

• Fittings

• Hoses

• Hardware

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Cessna L-19



• For Constant Rate and Prescription Dry with the Standard 5” Gate •

This conversion takes you from a standard 23/4 manual opening to 33/4 inch hydraulic opening for high rate applications


• Good for high rate dry even on the 802       Kit Price  $34,500.00



• For Existing 71/2” Transland-Equipped Aircraft •

For Constant Rate and Prescription Dry Applications


Complete upgraded hydraulic system and gate conversion parts set for constant and prescription dry.

Fully interfaced to Satloc G4.  For aircraft that currently have a 71/2” gate.   Kit Price  $28,500.00



• Take Your Existing 10” Transland-Equipped Aircraft to a New Level with a Superior Hydraulic System for Instant Response •

No Lag Time in Gate Opening or Closing


• Constant Rate and Prescription Dry Applications      Kit Price  $24,500.00



• This kit gives you the capability to instantly achieve zero rates during prescription spray applications •


Includes: Hydraulic Cylinder & Bracket for Agrinautics Valve     Kit Price  $  3,400.00

  with Manifold Stem and Relay, Hoses, Hardware & Fittings



• Replace electromechanical flap motor & transmission, plus all micro switches with a single hydraulic cylinder •


Uses Existing Flap Switch

Includes: Control Module for Hydraulic Manifold      Kit Price  $  5,600.00

  All Hoses & Fittings (No More Electric Motor or Micro Switch Failures)