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Cessna L-19

275HP Jacobs Conversion


220H.P. to 275H.P.



"0" SMOH, R755-B2M 275HP Jacobs engine with overhauled 2B20 propeller, new exhaust, adapter plate, hoses, hardware, gauges, governor and controls.



No UC-78 Exhaust (see photo above)

Our new manufactured systems fits under the existing Continental exhaust shroud.


NO UC-78 Air Filter (see above photo) housing between the bottom cylinders.

Our new induction elbow connects to the existing air intake system


No Distributor. (see photo above) Original air filter allows for Dual Auto Advance Mags.

Original W670 look maintained.





o Uninstalled kit crated for shipment


Outright Price – $64,500.00

Exchange Price – $59,500.00



Pricing applies to 220 Continental powered airplanes, in stock configuration with the following equipment:


* Jasco alternator

* Airwolf oil filter

* Bracket air filter

* E80 type starter




662-846-0228 Air Repair Inc 920 Airport Service Rd Cleveland, MS 38732