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Cessna L-19

Cessna L-19 Aircraft



Cessna/Air Repair, Inc. L-19 "Birddog"


1. Our standard aircraft begins with a total jig repair of the fuselage. All skins are replaced and all bulkheads are inspected and reconditioned or replaced. The Interior of all components is primed for corrosion resistance.


Wings, flaps, ailerons and empennage receive the same re-skinning and inspection as the fuselage. Control surfaces are rebalanced after painting. All restoration work is performed in a modern state of the art production plant by highly qualified and trained technicians.


Each aircraft is subjected to a rigorous quality assurance program and assembled with all new hardware, cables, tires, seat belts and bearings.


Minimum New Parts Included:










2. The 0470-11 engine is overhauled to all current service bulletins and includes 4 ring pistons, chrome cylinders, valve rotators, new crankcase, modern shielded ignition. A choice of standard or cruise prop is available.


3. The aircraft is assembled as a 2300 lb. gross weight L-19A with standard instruments in the package. The aircraft is assembled with new control cables and pulleys, new tires and tubes, new glass, all new rubber parts, new engine control cables and new hardware. The aircraft is modernized without sacrificing the original appearance with 70 amp alternator, Cleveland wheels and brakes, wing tip & belly strobes, entry assist step, fully stc'd aft mounted battery, engine oil filter, an oil pressure activated hobbs meter, and ELT.


4. A choice of colors is available. All exterior finishes are epoxy primed with a "Wet Look" polyurethane top coat.


5. The aircraft are certified standard category normal and utility. Each aircraft is flight tested under an FAA approved Flight Plan, and comes with a 1 year warranty. Also included are FAA approved Flight Manual, Parts Manual, and Maintenance Manual. Full spare parts and technical support are available from Air Repair Inc. personnel.


6. The goal of Air Repair Inc is to furnish the highest quality L-19 aircraft available in the world today at the best price. Limited production and true antique status assure continued appreciation in value. If you want a quality aircraft, a part of history, from a company that places customer satisfaction and quality first and will give the same service after the sale, contact Air Repair Inc. Full spare parts and repair services are available.



Complete Aircraft Price...$165,000.00


Options..................By Quotation


Terms....................20% down with balance due upon completion





All aluminum construction

Wing span: 36'

Height: 7.5'

Typical empty weight: 1500Lbs

Useful load: 800Lbs approximately

Maximum baggage: 100Lbs

Fuel capacity: 42 gallons (21 gallons per side)

Engine: O470-11, 213HP @ 2600RPM

Fuel consumption @ 2300RPM and 500’: 8.7GPH

Endurance: 4.6 hours

Normal cruise @ 5000' and 2300 RPM: 116MPH

Flaps: 0 degrees to 60 degrees

Normal takeoff distance: 400'

Normal landing distance: 400'


All Cables Brakes New Glass
Seats Tires Doors
Upholstery Plumbing Exhaust System
Lighting Primer Induction System
Belts & Harness Fuel Selector Engine Mount
Tail Gear Electric Flap System Oil Cooler
Wheels Observers Window Baffles
Battery Wiring Engine Cowling
662-846-0228 Air Repair Inc 920 Airport Service Rd Cleveland, MS 38732